Knight Stick and BugJammer Home & Garden will Protect Your Home with Superior Biting Insect Control.


Organic Gardening

More and more people are discovering the fun and health benefits of Organic Gardening.  Pesticide free Knight Stick is the perfect companion. Plant and harvest your crops without the annoyance of biting insects. You don’t put chemicals on your vegetables, so don’t put them on your skin.

Nothing can be more satisfying than gardening. Whether you are harvesting home grown fruits and vegetables or planting flowers, you don’t want to be fighting off bugs. Use Knight Stick to fight off annoying insects so you can focus on doing what you love.


Grilling in the Backyard

 The backyard cookout is an American tradition.  Nothing gathers family and friends like a meal cooked on a grill by a top of the line family chef.  Mosquitoes and biting flies can ruin these events and no one likes to put on insect repellent before they eat.  Let BugJammer Home & Garden keep the insects away so everyone can enjoy the food and friendship of the occasion.


Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool is a summer oasis.  It cools you off on hot days and is a major source of enjoyment for the entire family. Let BugJammer Home & Garden keep annoying mosquitoes and flies away from your pool. Plus you won’t have to reapply insect repellent every time you get out of the water.

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