BugJammer Home & Garden and Knight Stick Protects Your Patrons and Ensures Happy Customers


Golf Courses

You have spent time and money to make sure every green and fairway are picture perfect.  So, why not make sure your golfers aren’t annoyed by bugs? BugJammer Knight Stick is easy to maintain and works hard to keep your golfers swinging their best and coming back for more. Simply leave a Knight Stick near a tee box and watch how flies are attracted away from golfers, allowing them to play their best and enjoy your course.


Restaurant Patios

Nothing can kill the atmosphere of a patio restaurant like the buzz of an insect in your ear. With BugJammer Home & Garden you can keep your customers protected and ensure their experience at your restaurant is one they’ll tell their friends about. BugJammer Home & Garden attracts mosquitoes and other biting insects away from your customers so they can enjoy their meal in peace. Citronella candles don’t work. But with BugJammer Home & Garden you can rest assured that your customers are being defended against mosquitoes and other biting insects.



Many hotels have an open lobby or atrium and well-groomed grounds with ponds or waterways. These amenities add to the beauty of the property, but give mosquitoes and biting flies a place to breed and hide.  Keep your customers free from the annoyance of biting insects by placing BugJammer Home & Garden mosquito traps at strategic locations.  With a small footprint, they fit into the landscape and your customers won’t even realize they are in use.

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