Looking for away to keep biting flies off of your farm animals?



At the Horse Farm at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Knight Stick is now the preferred fly trap for the blood feeding stable fly! That’s because Knight Stick beats our competitors in eliminating these problematic insects. Automatic systems which spray pesticides can irritate your animals eyes and lungs. Keep your horses safe from bites and free from irritating sprays with an easy to maintain biting fly trap that is safe for you and your animals.


Dairy Farms

Knight Stick is used on many dairy farms to protect cow/calf operations from biting flies and other insects. The best thing is that Knight Stick is pesticide free. This keeps your cows safe and your milk free from unwanted chemicals. Knight Stick is the best pesticide free biting fly trap available anywhere. Customers love Knight Sticks because they are durable, reusable, cost effective, and easy to place for optimum control.



No matter what kind of farm you maintain Knight Stick does a great job eliminating flies and keeping your animals safe. Knight Stick is used to protect camels, goats, sheep and alpacas alike. With little to no maintenance you can reduce your fly pressure and keep your animals happy. Flies are rapidly becoming resistant to pesticides but no resistance can develop to Knight Stick. Don’t waste your time or money with sprays or other sticky traps. Once you try Knight Stick and realize how effective it is you will never want to use anything else.


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