Let Knight Stick Protect Your Exotic Animals and Keep Visitors Happy


Big Cats

Big Cats are a huge attraction at any zoo or wildlife sanctuary. Keep your cats protected from biting flies by using BugJammer Knight Stick. Not only is it extremely easy to maintain, it’s also pesticide free. Best of all, unlike broadcast pesticides or sprays, no special equipment or training is required. Zoo professionals appreciate the ease of use, economy, and convenience of Knight Stick. It can be used to protect tigers, cheetahs, bears, capybara and hoof stock like zebra, deer, giraffe, buffalo, and Asian wild horses. So, go with the best product that will take care of your animals and is environmentally safe.


Happy Visitors

Don’t let flies keep visitors from enjoying an attraction. Nothing can damage the experience of a patron like flies that just won’t go away. Not only will your animals enjoy added protection but your visitors will get to enjoy viewing your amazing animals without having to constantly swat insects away.


Young or Injured Animals

If you have young or recuperating animals you know how important it is to keep them away from dangerous chemicals. But, you still have to protect them from the dangerous effects of biting flies. So, use Knight Stick to solve two problems. You’ll keep your animals free of exposure to pesticides and you’ll also keep them protected from biting flies. They’ll grow and recover more rapidly with our great product.

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